Eat At Renee's

Here it is. The great fantasy. To enter a restaurant near closing time and discover that Renee Ross, THE Renee Ross, is your waitress. And what Renee plans to serve up goes beyond hot cakes and pie!

These dudes are getting a worms-eye view of what's for late night snacking, and Renee is at the top of the menu. Renee doesn't work for tips. She wants every inch of the shaft. Food takes a back seat as Renee takes their order. That's what they call service with a smile!

What about Renee? Does she have any fantasies of her own that are special to her?

"I wouldn't say that I have a lot of fantasies," she revealed. "I just like to cum a lot! I think I must masturbate two to three times a day."

Now, if Renee were really a waitress (and not a nurse, her real-life job), that would mean a lot of sneaking into the ladies' room for fast relief! The customers' orders would start backing up. But no one would mind if they could watch!
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: April 29th, 2024
Photos: 100

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