Good Nurse Renee

Good Nurse Renee

Renee is a real-life nurse. We doubt this is the outfit she wears to work in the hospital, but one can dream, right? Well, get this...

"I am a cardiac surgical intensive care unit nurse," Renee told us. "I am in scrubs and a T-shirt and a lab coat. Or I will wear a V-neck sometimes. I work about 12- to 13-hour shifts, and I do that three days a week. I work nights, so it is a lot easier to get away with wearing something tight-fitting. But when I do wear those kinds of shirts, my co-workers freak out when they see how big my boobs are. I don't really wear stuff like that often, but when I do, people notice."

Unfortunately for her patients, they rarely get to see Renee.

"We usually don't deal with them when they are conscious, and when they are, they are pretty out of it on medication. But the ones who see me and can speak always tell me that I am pretty and that my eyes are nice. It's never a direct compliment on my boobs. But you can tell that they like them and that they are…
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: August 28th, 2023
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Beautiful Bazoomas!

I've never had a nurse that came anywhere close to this goddess.

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