Double vision

Renee Ross shops at Lane Bryant for bras. Here, she tries on different bras, and the sectioned mirror adds a special dimension to the shoot.

"I used to wear underwire bras and then I switched to the ones that were all cloth, and now I am back to wearing underwire again," Renee said. "I just like underwire bras 'cause they give me more back support and that's important. I mean, sometimes underwires hurt, but I will take back support over that."

Renee's beautiful chest precedes her.

"My boobs call a lot of attention to me, but I just ignore it. Men are more shocked by my boobs than anything else. That usually means that they stare, but they never come up and say something to me."

Maybe they should. Renee is one of the most-personable girls we've ever met. Just don't try to grab her tits without her permission.
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4 months ago 
I love mirror sets where you get full frontal boobs and also the side hanging view in the same shot...47-49 are perfect examples from this living goddess.

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