Renee Takes Sophia Sutra

Renee Takes Sophia Sutra

Now and then, we get mail from members and magazine readers asking to see a busty brickhouse babe getting down with a thin, smaller, younger girl. Apparently, this type of combo gives this crowd a big boner. We rarely do this kind of pairing, so this pictorial and matching video make for a rare event.

In Renee, we have one of the greats of XL Girls, and Sophia Sutra is an model who's only 5'1" tall and weighs 115 pounds (although she sure doesn't look even that heavy). The lithe and limber Chicagoan has mosquito-bite A-cup tits. In other words, Sophia's a flattie.

Renee could easily pick Sophia up and play with her like a little doll, and that's pretty much what happens.

When they are not modeling, Sophia is a nanny and a stripper and Renee is a nurse. Renee gives Sophia plenty to suck on and Sophia gives Renee her fresh, tight cunt.

Sophia says she's had many sex flings with women. She loves both pussy and cock. Renee and Sophia get into it,…
Featuring: Renee Ross and Sophia Sutra
Date: September 11th, 2023
Photos: 115

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