Wet Tee Teaser

Renee never entered any wet t-shirt contests, but as these photos prove, if she had, the competition would have been overwhelmed. Poolside in Miami, Renee puts on a wet tee show for your viewing pleasure then gets her tits (and the rest of her body) soaking wet by jumping into the pool.

"I work nights, so it is a lot easier to get away with wearing something tight-fitting," said Renee, who's a nurse. "But when I do wear those kinds of shirts, my coworkers, whom I am very good friends with, freak out when they see how big my boobs are. I don't really wear stuff like that often, but when I do, people notice. At work, I am in scrubs and, like, a T-shirt and a lab coat."

Sadly for her patients, most of them don't see her magnificence, scrubs or not.

"We usually don't deal with patients when they are conscious, and when they are, they are pretty out of it on medication," she said. "But the ones that are conscious always tell me that I am pretty and that my eyes are nice. It's never a direct compliment on my boobs. But you can tell that they like them and that they are looking."
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: February 5th, 2024
Photos: 70

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