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Bustier Bustin'

How can a mere bustier keep Renee's prodigious projectiles in line? Logic would dictate that the bustier would burst like a poorly constructed dam holding back a raging river. Fortunately for the bustier (and for us), Renee pulls out her huge naturals, stacks them, licks them, plays with them and then spreads her pussy. If you love girls who are built like brick houses, Renee is the girl for you, and this is the photo set for you.

When did you start getting boobs?
Renee: I remember going to a sleepover at a friend's house, and she had older sisters, and we were skinny-dipping in her pool. I remember that my friends were making fun of the older girls and taunting them because I had bigger boobs than they did.

Did the other girls treat you badly 'cause your boobs were so big?
Renee: Oh, yeah. I mean, I don't think anyone knew what my face even looked like. I think all they knew about me was big boobs.

Did you play any sports?
Renee: Yes, I did. I was actually a cheerleader in high school. I even did gymnastics at one point. But I had to quit because of my boobs. I couldn't do any of the moves because my boobs had become too big. But I did play softball all through high school.

And you were a cheerleader. Let's talk about that.
Renee: Well, I was the girl with the biggest boobs on the squad. That was for sure.

And did you ever have an embarrassing moment during cheer practice because of your boobs?
Renee: Oh, boy. It depended on what outfit I wore. Sometimes I would jump around and they would pop out. I couldn't even find a sports bra that fit!
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1 month ago 

Love Renee Ross!! From reading above, have a beautiful face and everything else!! You are absolutely beautiful!!

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