Renee Ross Videos

Two-time Voluptuous magazine Model of the Year winner Renee has made her bed sheet into a tent to play hide and peek. Join Renee and see what games she has in mind in her little hideaway. Other than at our studio, have you ever met anyone with boobs as big as yours? Renee: No, I don't think so. Every time I see a big-boobed girl, I try to tell them about modeling for XL Girls and SCORELAND. Do they ever do it? Renee: Yeah. I tell them they need to go shoot. I think I've recruited three girls over the years. So do you actually walk around with pictures of yourself? Renee: Yeah, I have them on my phone. I have a whole file. What kind of reactions do you get? Renee: They usually say, "That's not you!" They usually don't believe me until I tell them to look at my tattoos and boobs. Are you still living in Virginia? Renee: Yes, I am. And I'm still a nurse. Nurse seems to be the most-common profession for our models. Renee: It's because nurses are freaks. Is that true? Renee: Oh, it's a known fact. Nurses are freaks. That's all there is to it. I've never met a nurse who wasn't a freak. Why is that? Renee: I think we're more comfortable with our bodies and the idea of being naked. I'm totally guessing, though. All you need to know is that we're freaks.
You have to love a girl who says, "Giving blow jobs is my favorite thing." Yeah, Renee said that. And if you loved her already, this scene is going to blow your mind. It's Part 2 of "Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!" a three-part series in which Renee led up to her first on-camera fuck. Let's face it: Not all women know how to suck dick. Some simply don't like it. Others just suck the head and think that's going to make us happy. But as you're about to see, Renee's blow job technique is mind-blowing. Wet, sloppy and deep. Renee takes as much of the shaft into her mouth as she can (and it's a lot!) and sucks hard. And did we mention that she likes to talk dirty? This scene is all about Renee sucking cock, and it's obvious from the load the guy shoots on her massive naturals that he didn't miss her pussy at all. Besides, who's going to turn down a blow job from Renee?
Renee Ross did not do hardcore the first time she shot with The SCORE Group in 2009. You'd better believe we asked her to, but she wasn't ready. Not yet. Renee didn't do hardcore the second time she shot with us, either, although her co-stars in the DVD Sex And The Titties (Scarlett Rouge, Selena Castro, Camelia Davis, Haydee Rodriguez and Hillary Hooterz) all did. For that movie, Renee fucked her tits and pussy with a giant toy named Mr. Big and had a blazing-hot six-way lezzie scene with the other girls. They all ate and fucked each other's pussies, and right then, we knew just how into sex Renee was. Very into sex. She couldn't keep her eyes off the other girls when they were sucking and fucking. Renee took the boy-girl hardcore plunge on her third visit to our studio, and she was ready. How ready? Well, first off, you should know that our plan was to present Renee's first boy-girl hardcore shoots in a SCORELAND special called "Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!" On Day 1, Renee would tit-fuck a guy. On Day 2, she would suck his cock. And on Day 3, she'd go all the way. "Are you kidding me?" Renee said when we told her our plan for Day 1. "I don't get to fuck?" Sorry, Renee. "Or give him a blow job?" Sorry, Renee. But here's what happened, and this is the first time we've ever revealed this: Renee took our plans and had her way with them. That first tits 'n' tugs scene? Turned out Renee couldn't keep her mouth or her pussy off the guy's cock. Yeah, they ended up sucking and fucking. That oral sex scene? Well, as Renee told us, "If you're gonna eat my pussy and get me all hot and bothered, you're gonna have to fuck me." And the guy did. So, by Day 3, the scene you're seeing here, Renee had already sucked and fucked two of our studs. Why? "Because I couldn't help it," Renee said. "Because they were there." By "they," she meant the guys' cocks. Renee is proof that a woman can be sweet and polite and girl-next-doorish and still turn into a wild slut in the bedroom. Or our studio. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!
Bailey and Renee are working at Bailey's desk at radio station K-JUGS. Bailey needs some papers put away and hands them to Renee, who is a little tired and protests. Bailey gets angry and drops the folder on the floor. She stomps off. Renee kneels down to pick up the folder. A guy appears. He's The Late Night Ladies Man, one of the DJs at K-JUGS. He eyes Renee up and down. "I was a DJ back home and I want to make it here," she says. "They call you The Late Night Ladies Man, right? I've seen your billboards." They shake hands. "What are you doing after this?" he asks. "Nothing," Renee says. "Going back to my place." "Why don't you come with me to the studio?" he says. "I can show you how I work it at K-JUGS." Renee can't refuse. The Late Night Ladies Man has something he wants to give Renee, and it's not a microphone.