The big rubdown

The big rubdown

Renee has 48-inch, J-cup marvels that rejuvenate a breast-man every time he gazes upon them. They're veiny, fuckable, squeezable, creamy delights. Renee won the genetic prize in the big-boob lottery.

While she loves playing with them with her own hands, nothing beats the touch of another pair of hands. Here, Renee gets a soothing breast massage from a lucky guy. A lot of massage oil is rubbed deeply into those mounds of beautiful titty flesh. A masseur could spend hours on them.

Renee is a cardiac surgical intensive care unit nurse. She is truly an angel of mercy.

"I like to see a man excited and get off. It makes me excited," she said. "I really just hang out. I'm a homebody. I like to stay home and cut the grass. I usually wear my bathing suit and some shorts...probably giving some old man a stroke or something." Then her RN training might come in handy.
Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: December 11th, 2023
Photos: 120

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